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Over-warm-up strategy for success.

Ben Patrick, [07/10/2022 14:33]

Just arrived at the Marines location. 3 hours early. I always overprepare/overwarm-up. I got the concept from basketball and finding that if I sledded myself to death an hour before games, I actually wound up much more confident. So I’ll probably crush some ATG Lunges or something while I work on the key lines I’ll need to remember for the shoot.

If you have a life-changing opportunity, this strategy may help you. I’m not a naturally confident person. I’ve always been hardworking but I didn’t notice that alone increase my luck. The over-warm-up strategy has helped me a lot.

It also helps ensure you’re never late or stressed about being late for a big opportunity. This is also a show of respect for whoever is giving you the opportunity. I’ll just hang out nearby now, and then show up to the check-in right on time.

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