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Overtraining tibialis raises?


Hello everyone! Has anyone experienced tibialis pain from trying to chase the standard? Been hitting tib raises (mix of Tib bar and bodyweight) twice a week for a good 6 months and slowly feel like I’ve been developing an issue.

When I drive out of a deep squat my lateral tibialis is on fire about half way down my leg 😬 also, when I hold a deep couch stretch for 1-2 mins the burn upon release is ridiculous.

Surely strengthening the Tibs is supposed to remove problems such as this?


Jake I haven’t seen that but I have seen people start jumping, using the Tibialis, and getting super sore from it now handling load when jumping. So I would first check if you started jumping and could have extreme DOMs.

In coaching hundreds in person, I’ve never seen someone get tib pain, but in your case obviously there’s some stimulus you haven’t recovered from, otherwise the body wouldn’t have an issue.

Number two: Sometimes people squat without heel elevation and then USE the tibs so hard, they don’t even realize!

Jumping, full squats without heel elevation, both can create INSANE tib DOMs. And a 1-2 minute Couch stretch could definitely be extreme! I like 30-60 seconds. That’s an extreme. Maybe that’s THE extreme that gives issue. Hard wall, Couch stretch for long duration, could be excessive on the tib.

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