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Pain in bottom of foot

Carson Douglas, [20/07/2023 14:58]

my foot pain on the bottom of my foot kinda is back what’s the best thing for it?

Ben Patrick, [20/07/2023 15:38]

This PLUS… Not hurting yourself. This means:

1. Not overtraining your feet

2. Not wearing barefoot shoes

Many people report foot pain from switching to barefoot shoes. If you wear barefoot shoes and don’t have foot pain, you don’t need to change. But that’s one reason I gave my shoe SOME cushion. Because it’s unnaturally harsh to walk on concrete all day with no cushion.

Lifted heels = unnatural

Narrow toe box = unnatural

But walking on concrete = also unnatural

So, Carson if your foot hurts, you don’t have enough ability in your feet for whatever demands you’re putting them through. Thus:

A. Increase ability

B. Analyze if your demands are excessive in any way

= problems vanish

Drake Davis, [20/07/2023 15:41]

I feel like a wide toe-box is the main priority, zero drop or raises heel depends on sport, then having minimal vs more cushion is another option

Most barefoot shoe companies are mostly all in on most of those details vs some variance

Had to stand on concrete all day for a training thing at work. Only had my vivos with me. Feet, lower legs, and one knee and hip are killing me today. Definitely not an all the time shoe

Ben Patrick, [20/07/2023 15:48]

Exactly. Also: excess standing usually = piriformis stiffens up

Some pigeon push ups and getting into a FULL squat workout can get you back to normal quick. 

Reverse flow of excess standing is piriformis and deep squat.

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