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Pancake stretch may not be necessary.

Megan Starling, [05/06/2023 01:06]

I’ve been having issues with pancake stretch. I feel a LOT of strain on the medial side of my knee when I give any stretch at all in this position. This is probably where I’ve had the most consistent issues since my last surgery. Am I just not being patient enough? Is this something I should be doing daily? Is there another exercise or stretch I could do to assist with this? I used to be able to do more than a full split and would love to get back to that if possible.

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 01:08]

Up-to-date, I don’t think pancake is necessary… I may remove this… here’s why… Seated Goodmorning creates safer and greater adaptation of those adductor tissues, and we can separately work the hamstring with a variety of methods, from Jefferson Curls to RDLs. I think this is a safer approach than pushing pancake. I’m not saying you can’t add pancake later, or that you can’t do it, but in hindsight I’m seeing that Seated GM, J Curl, and RDL make those tissues much easier to bulletproof up for stuff like pancake.

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