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Paul Saladino & Animal based opinions


@Kneesovertoesguy how does Paul Saladino think of the equator diet or other individualized diet philosophies based on genes and how it affects someone? 

His cookie cutter animal based diet has produced great results for a lot of people(including me) but I wonder if he has any opinions on making it more individualized for even better results like Poloquin with his neurotransmitter profiling and Poloquin was also a huge proponent of eating according to  your genetics like someone from Kashmir can have more carbs and potentially not be as harmed from wheat than most caucasians.


Udhay great question. Having eating about 10 meals and snacks with him so far, it seems pretty clear:

He doesn’t weigh the food. He doesn’t plan it ahead of time. It’s a very random mixture of meat and fruit. He seems to follow his instincts on how much to eat of what. He also factors in what’s locally available and happens to be ripe. It’s a very freeing style of eating.

Meat, fruit, honey, raw dairy, coconut water out of fresh coconuts, and a small amount of raw organs or organ capsules. This is what he eats.

Then he thinks anyone should customize from there based on their activity, how hungry they are, what’s available naturally in the region, etc.

Then factor in that he shuts the Wi-Fi off at about 7:45, falls asleep by 8-8:30, and wakes up around 5:45. He averages 9 hours of sleep.

When you’re getting as much meat and fruit as your heart desires, getting plenty of activity throughout the day, sunlight, and HUGE sleep (9+ hours is an incomparable realm for Western adults), you have an incredibly simple and effective health protocol.

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