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PJF criticising ATG

(About PJF) I used to watch this guy, but he seemed so salty over Ben, so I kinda lost the vibe there. He does have interesting stuff, but the ATG foundation is just superior. Some of it could be useful for extra layers, after you created the foundation with ATG, but I'd rather trust Ben on all things jumping.

Ben Patrick, [18/06/2022 00:28]

Maurits Myhre great example that for us as coaches, to become our best we really can't have ego where methods come from… I don't even remember why he was salty about me, I sent him some really nice messages actually to try to clear the air, but then he kept doing some weird stuff.

Some trainers will actually base the tools they use in their programs on their personal like or dislike or coaches known for them. Charles Poliquin on the other hand traveled the WORLD and learning 8 LANGUAGES to then apply Bruce Lee philosophy and keep what worked and reject what didn't. So thankfully I learned from the best.

Ben Clarfield would love to hear a word from you on Poliquin's insane dedication to learn about methods no matter WHERE they came from

I've done some insanely dedicated things, but when Poliquin was your mentor this is just standard issue behavior. Dude learned LANGUAGES just to better understand different texts on training that were written by foreign authors. Meanwhile lots of today's trainers will intentionally NOT use anything ATG promotes just because of personal dislike, etc. This is why I definitely did NOT want my business to be called "Patrick" in any way shape or form. Athletic Truth Group - no opinions, just shared things that have actually worked throughout history so they don't wind up lost in time or misunderstood.

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