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Plantar Fasciitis Worsening

Drake Davis, [14/07/2023 04:35]

If PF has worsened to the point of a collapsed arch is there any avoiding surgeory?

i'm concerned for my client.  He has a collapsed arch and his sport involves a lot of hard impact of the foot.  I advised him to only play once per week while I program for working on his PF and other problem areas (piriformis and now wrist issues) but he refuses to play any less than 2.  it's only been two weeks so i'm trying to get him to understand that it just takes time but he's being quite stubborn.

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 04:48]

No one here can tell you surgery or not, BUT… I can tell you this: if the focus is on ABILITY, problems will EVENTUALLY vanish. 

It’s a matter of ability vs impact. You can’t force a client. And surgery isn’t death. You can build them up after surgery, too. But absolute TONS of issues can vanish naturally IF you fully get that concept.

The problem is that even if you understand it, your client might not. But clearly there is a relationship between educating on Ability training and people understanding and applying it.

Drake Davis, [14/07/2023 04:53]

This is more where the situation is at.  I believe whole-heartedly in what you're saying about ability, but the client might not.  He doesn't want surgery, but he's being difficult about this process too.  Will continue to push onward and hopefully something can come of it in time

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 05:12]

@imDrake757 you can have a heart to heart with him about Ability in the area. I’d be doing: Backward sled, Forward sled, Standing calf, Seated calf, Tib, Petersen Step Up. All with wide toe box and big toe spaced for max strength development in the foot.

It is a matter of ability in the area vs the demands upon it.

Drake Davis, [14/07/2023 05:14]

Thank you for the guidance.  For some reason his doctor told him to avoid minimalist shoes so he's conflicted 😕 Something about support needed for the collapsed arch.  I'm having him just wear them for his workouts and when he feels comfortable in them

Ben Patrick, [14/07/2023 05:15]

Yep and that’s fine. Wide toe box and big toe spacer while doing lower leg work would maximize development since that’s the loading time.

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