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Poliquin Step Ups Expose Leg Weakness

Shane Walker, [19/07/2023 02:16]

Soon as I increased height on Poliquin step ups it truly exposed my left leg weakness. From lower levels of elevation it was reasonably well hidden. My left quad is torched from body weight step ups from high elevation. Right leg feels far less sore.

Also introducing tempo to truly own the movement at that added height burns 🔥 🔥

Crazy different stimulus by adding weight or height can have. Find the weak points and attack them!

🫡 @Kneesovertoesguy

Ben Patrick, [19/07/2023 02:57]

Such a simple breakthrough. But seriously, a BREAKTHROUGH. So simple to build incredible knees now!! Particularly for those with an imbalance (which is a high percentage of struggling cases)

Those who readily get into full squats and feel great, soar… Those who don’t, probably have an imbalance on Poliquin step ups for HEIGHT.

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