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Poliquin Step Ups for Knee Pain Relief

Shane Walker, [30/06/2023 00:00]

I am very grateful to be apart of this group. I personally have managed to slowly access more movements and apply tension pain free. It’s a long game, it took me 8 months to access a split squat at full range pain free. I used to have to warm up well first and ease into the movement.

That being said. I keep looking for the areas or positions that cause me knee pain in the medial compartment.

- pistol squat with heel elevated (can do it pain free with foot flat)

- poliquin step up (pain free with Patrick)

I’ve found if I do get enough blood flow I can access step ups, but it is definitely a antagonist like the split squat once was.

I can meet the standard for poliquin step ups, but seeing as it’s still not pain free completely I am thinking about I may need to exceed the standard for me to continue reversing out knee pain.

I am now looking to program poliquin step ups into my training more frequently and introduce tempo for more time under tension 5151 for example. I would love to hear any feedback in terms of how to really bring this exercise up being a main focus.

Ben Patrick, [30/06/2023 00:19]

@shanewalkerr I’m seeing huge results from Poliquin step ups for height. Not just 6” but 9”, 12”, etc.! Might be the ultimate compliment to full squats with chains, to return athletes to sports!

Sledding is TRUE short range. ATG split squats and squats work the full range. Poliquin Step Ups for HEIGHT then bridge the gap!

Daniel Pfohl, [30/06/2023 00:25]

So based on this are you suggesting getting to the atg standard on the poliquin on a 6inch box with 50% bodyweight then move on to a higher box instead of increasing weight weight ?


Ben Patrick, [30/06/2023 00:26]

Daniel load OR height, OR both… it’s all fine. BUT… Sledding allows you to really work that full extension on push off.

So, a big advantage of step ups is actually that mid-range between sled and squats. It also tells me a LOT about a knee. A knee that can 12” step up pain-free is in great shape. Some people can “shy” their way through 6” loaded.

Low step, loaded… still gets results. BUT, higher step is a good measure for bulletproofing and athleticism, and quite simple. 20 reps pain-free at 12” with strict form is a good athletic baseline.

No range is “wrong”. Less range = more load needed to challenge. More range = less load needed to challenge. Load and range are just variables.

The fact we sled HARD gets us good at short range naturally. We split squat and squat with full range. So, the context is that the Poliquin Step Up for height fills a gap in the system ✅🔥So if you’ve already been doing ATG for a while, step ups for height might give you some new breakthroughs.

In person, we are seeing a huge relationship between pain-free step up height, and pain-free jumping. (Common sense when you think about it!)

I would still say full squat with chains would be king for jump development, but sleds for speed, step ups for height, and split squats for mobility all help you get more results from squats. ✅📈

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