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Possibility of never running again

Shane Walker, [21/04/2023 03:56]

Hey guys I’m reaching out because I don’t know where else to turn. 

ATG has been game changing for me and the journey over the last 8 months been amazing. I have learnt so much and super grateful to be part of this community and I truly believe in ATG to its core. 

10 months ago playing sport I had a major knee injury which I still have not got completely out of. I have had ongoing knee issues from 2015. Basically the cartilage in the weight bearing surface of my knee has been wearing away and creating osteoarthritis. 

I had a consultation with a specialist surgeon today because I can do everything without little to no pain, soon as I run it flares my knee pain up. That’s the one thing I want to get back to, Running. We went through all my MRI’s dating back from last year to 2015. 

Basically has told me there’s a possibility I may never run again which breaks my heart. 

What do I do from here ? Do I say fuck this guy and prove him wrong? Or is he right is that it for me. Sorry for such a long sad post. I’m truely guttered.

He also did throw out the comment of knee replacement in my 40’s at this rate. I’m currently 32.

Ben Patrick, [21/04/2023 04:02]

I’m always optimistic! Master every zone, then master them again! Seems to be years and years of potential to prevent surgery and get back the activity you love.

I’d go for it! That’s what I would do. One of my knee injuries took over a year to get normal, naturally. Took everything: Sled, Step up, Split squat, Squat. And as time went we found more could be done: Sissy/KOT Squat, Reverse Nordic / Couch Stretch.

There’s 6 direct zones of potential for knee motion. Years of gain, based on how strength training works. Add lower leg and posterior chain for running 👍👍

Shane Walker, [21/04/2023 04:05]

That’s been me for the last 8 months following ATG and everting continues to increase. Just small amount of pain now that I can get rid of once warm. But running brings it out completely. Post run days after it gets sore af

I’ll fly to America an live in your garage for 8 months if I have to 😂

Your story is what led me here and inspired me. Gave me hope

Ben Patrick, [21/04/2023 06:16]

How far are the runs? You may be able to create some tracking for yourself…

1. How far?

2. How often?

3. Where are all the big 6 knee exercises?

4. Where are lower legs and posterior chain at?

Then you could observe which improvements lead to less pain after runs

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