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Post-ACL surgery programme for football players.

Rahul, [28/06/2023 01:25]

Hey guys, is there a specific programme for post ACL surgery? My younger brother has his surgery on Friday and I would like to help him get to the atg standards before kicking a football again so we've done the most we can to prevent another injury. Would it be as simple as just meeting the ATG standards ?

Ben Patrick, [28/06/2023 03:28]

Rahul I know there’s a chat just about ACL. Zak works with a lot of ACL cases.

ATG won’t ever have “ATG ACL…” because it’s too medical. But I think enough clues are there for you to get great results with your brother.

I don’t think ATG’s purpose regarding ACL is to mess with “ACL rehab” but moreso to progress people to protection beyond what they would get in the normal system.

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