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Potential for 12" Step Ups in Training

Bradley Steen, [07/07/2023 17:13]

Is there potential for 12" step ups to replace or be another option on L2/standards?

Ben Patrick, [07/07/2023 21:07]

@bradleysteen I definitely think so, but here’s the deciding factor to me:

SLED is true short range. You have to extend on each step. Sledding opens the door to using reverse step ups for height. Without sledding, that short range could end up lacking.

Drake Davis, [07/07/2023 18:36]

@Kneesovertoesguy from my understanding of what you've been telling us about step ups, weight and height are both valid and important variables, but would you keep them separate or combine them to a certain degree? I suspect you would combine them, but I'm wondering if you could provide some nuance from your experience

Ben Patrick, [07/07/2023 21:08]

@imDrake757 infinite possibilities! It’s possible that once someone is about 12,” better to load at that point than go higher. Time will tell.

Drake Davis, [07/07/2023 21:17]

Awesome! Makes sense. Would you progress height to that point before including weight? Or would you just play with both interchangeably?

I suppose it would depend on what the goals of the client are

Ben Patrick, [07/07/2023 21:34]

@imDrake757 you could do what feels best. My gut instinct is there’s going to be a sweet spot in the 12” range that hits a unique range that goes beyond sled, but not quite as long range as squats. At that point freak athletes could load, since going higher might get more awkward with the setup.

@imDrake757 what will tell the tale best is those of us at ATGHQ trying to break vertical barriers. We have a couple guys trying to be highest jumper on earth. At their height if they can hit shoulder to rim, that’s provable.

We also squat with loads of chains. So the whole range is being worked regardless.

There’s no doubt in my mind that for sporting purposes, getting to at least 12” for sets of 20 reps is a VALUABLE goal.

People with chronic knee pain in sports simply cannot do this when starting out.

Poliquin called it the million dollar knee exercise for a reason!

Drake Davis, [07/07/2023 21:46]

This makes a lot of sense. My original thought behind the 6-in height on the step up was that any higher would be pushing into a range that the squats would just hit

It sounds like That idea isn't far off. It's just that you're finding that it's a bit higher than the initial 6"

Ben Patrick, [07/07/2023 22:03]

@imDrake757 6” was for intentionally hitting short range, and also because we were focusing on driving up load. I didn’t feel safe with people loading beyond 6” online.

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