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Power Moves and Achilles Issues

Keegan Coach, [06/08/2023 06:17]

Feels like we've found another cheat code with the Dense Dips...

10D? (as many as you can maintain with good form.

By the time you're hitting 10 something good happening. Add weight.

I recently got 5D10 with 10kg and then finished out with bodyweight and I'm hitting bests on Bench Press & handstand push-ups like butter!

Generally this journey begins with deficit push-ups.

I remember when my sternum would click & my shoulders hurt from dips and pressing in general was a risk.

Today I can press daily with no issues.

I take the same approach on deep knee bends if something goes wrong with my legs.

After grabbing the rim, snatching & doing some back flips recently my achilles has been flared to the point where split squats & squats damage it purely because of the stretch.

I'm doing short range calf work but also 5D? Deep Knee Bends daily to build the base for heavy squats & more rim grabs, snatches & back flips.

It is frustrating to have these issues when I know solutions but it's also GOOD in a way that you keep re-learning what matters most.

I was having no pain before my USA trip but barefoot sprinting was a little test & then more, and more & more.

Anyone who's dealt with insertional achilles issues might know what I'm talking about on this.

Regardless, I get to plan on more power moves in the future because I've been here before & I've made it back to doing what I love.


Once I can tolerate them I need,..

More KOT Calf Raises & Heavy Sled Pushes.

I wasn't doing them.

I haven't taken them far enough.

Without the LONG RANGE I'm still fragile when I get back to ONE FOOT POWER & LOADED JUMPS & LANDINGS (snatch) & STRETCHED LANDINGS (flips).


1. If you're not 100% yet, that's ok. Keep working.

2. Push the 10D? dips if you've built you base.

3. Love the process!

Ben Patrick, [09/08/2023 03:25]

@keegancoach major. Dense is and will always be a GO-TO method. Simple often IS better. Dense Dips is powerful. 🔥👏

@keegancoach without a seated calf machine, I believe Achilles needs extra attention. Sledding CAN work. High rep KOT calf raise CAN work. But loading squats and NOT seated calf, I see as a long term issue. But I believe there are solutions to everything. What do you think?

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