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Precision with Barbell Press for Structural Balance Testing

Ben Patrick, [09/09/2022 22:19]

Post Upper Body Workout

Today hit 5 sets of 6 on 45 degree incline BARBELL press. Here's why:

Barbell is a more precise "mother exercise" to use for our structural balance testing. I don't want to do flat bench but I'm willing to do incline since per Poliquin is more "athletic". Incline DB was a good idea but there's too much variable to be used as a mother lift. Barbell is precise. Control at least 4 seconds down.

In the calculator on the app you'll be able to program any reps. For starters I'm going to use somewhere between 3 and 6 reps.

80kg (176) for me was my limit with good form for 6 reps controlling down each rep

I'll probably end up using 5 reps for a simple 5 x 5 workout in my program. I'll update the calculator later today.

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