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Pregnancy Program Needed for ATG

Ben Patrick, [04/12/2022 22:51]

Amy I think you can and should tackle this! (pregnancy program) I don’t think ATG will formally tackle pregnancy. I think someone has to dive in and really tackle the during and post pregnancy workout side of things. Alissa gets caught up with running the biz aspects and is never really into the training like I am, and I don’t feel comfortable publishing pregnancy programming myself. This is a much needed area Amy.

I do think this is the future of Athletic Truth GROUP. I think what ATG looks like now, is nothing like what it will look like in 10 years. This is still new new new new new NEW relative to what has usually been done in fitness for the past few decades. Even though Joe Rogan brought a lot of attention to knees over toes, I think ATG is still in the beta phase and by 2024 will be in its next phase of becoming a legit player in fitness. Lots of potential because… People want ATG. People want results. People want scalable exercises. People want KIND but caring and passionate coaches.

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