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Prioritize Weakest Links for Balanced Physique

Ben Patrick, [09/10/2022 21:19]

[In reply to Harlie Dalzell]

@Harlie_Dalzell you don't have to take a break from anything… Remember Structural Balance and volume. Simply prioritize your weakest links AND/OR what you're trying to have an advantage in.

For example a thrower, I'd keep getting stronger rotators/trap-3/powell no matter how strong they ever got. I'd never make then stop getting those stronger. But I don't think you have to stop doing any lift, just prioritize per Structural Balance. If you're a high jumper, sure you could never do upper your whole life and win a gold medal - look at those guys: zero upper. So there's no absolutes, just data and how you want to apply it. There's no absolute rules, just data of relative importance

@Harlie_Dalzell for your goals, seems like you want a balanced physique, so don't stop training upper.

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