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Prioritizing Strength Training for Marathon Prep


Thanks for setting an example Mr. Patrick. 

Similarly, I have to prioritize my ATG training with preparation for a marathon. Marathon experience has shown me the necessity of strength training. Recent experience has shown me the importance of joint training. 

Using your recent example, I will have to prioritize movements and train accordingly. 

I sent a message previously seeking insight(s). Any insight from you would be appreciated.


Brian oh wow!!!! That’s intense. I think being built from the ground up and measurably increasing strength in: Loaded tibialis, Seated calf machine single leg, Standing single leg calf raise, Poliquin step up, Atg split squat, Eccentric Nordic, Back extension. I think these would be go-tos to increase the potential of a marathon runner.

Having never pursued a marathon myself, I don’t have any experience on the running prep side of the coin, but I have a hunch you could reduce training wear and tear by using reverse sled as some dedicated endurance days

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