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Programming Poliquin Step Ups for Strength Imbalance

Shane Walker, [05/07/2023 21:51]

Hey guys. How would you program poliquin step ups for trying to bring up a major strength imbalance on one leg compared to other

I’ve progressed with height which really exposes the weakness on left side. How often per week could I do these to progress and bring it up?

Ben Patrick, [05/07/2023 22:03]

Great find! Step ups can be done quite often. At most, Poliquin used them 4 days on 1 day off! I think 3 days a week is plenty, with intent. Start and finish on the weaker side. For example, 3 x 20 weak, 2 x 20 strong. You literally just start and finish your sets on the weak side.

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