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Progressing in Range of Motion without Pain

Drake Davis, [04/08/2023 03:50]

What kind of eccentric do you like to see at 12"? I know on 6" it's only like 2-3 seconds because of the short range

Ben Patrick, [04/08/2023 03:51]

Just being able to control, without pain. I don’t count the seconds. I think the “magic” is progressing from 6 to 8 to 10 to 12, all without pain, rather than stopping at 6, which I used to think was correct. So much extra gain.

Drake Davis, [04/08/2023 03:52]

Makes sense, if you lose control at a certain point it indicates lack of ability in that part of the ROM

Ben Patrick, [04/08/2023 03:52]

Exactly. It’s more of a feeling. As a coach you can spot it.

I’ve yet to test loaded. I’ve just been seeking master of 12” x 20 reps (with ATG Buddy under the heel)

Drake Davis, [04/08/2023 03:53]

I could see there being a time for isometric holds at different parts in the ROM but I don't have great insight as to best time to do that would be

Ben Patrick, [04/08/2023 04:06]

@imDrake757 Agreed. I thinking pauses, slow tempos, even just straight holding positions, is all great stuff when it comes to addressing ability rather than running from it.

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