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Progressing Lower Limb Exercises with Weight

Casey Cathrall, [06/06/2023 22:43]


Ben, what am I looking for lower limb movement when to progress from body weight (zero) to weighted tibs, straight leg calf, and KOT calf. I’ve got a lot of basketball guys with varying ROM abilities but curious what you look for when to progress?

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 00:04]

Casey I still enjoy the bodyweight versions! High reps bodyweight for lower leg works! There’s no right or wrong time, moreso understanding reps. Lower reps allow more weight.

Casey Cathrall, [07/06/2023 00:17]

Okay makes sense- I just didn’t know if similar to the atg split squat that once you get on the ground you can begin weighting, that there was a similar cut off, especially for the KOT calf raise. Some of my guys are so tight and weak in that variation and just trying to find ways to improve that.

Ben Patrick, [07/06/2023 00:20]

It’s a great question, and really there are no rules like that. Bigger guys often NEED weight to pull themselves into the split squat! Meaning they have to load to GET to flat ground, so:

1. Range

2. Load

Are variables throughout training on any exercise for any client. In some cases, manipulations can supply either. Examples… Heel elevation allows full squats often from the first session, and sleds allows loads from the first session.

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