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Progressing Seated GM with Incline Bench

Casey Cathrall, [10/06/2023 20:01]

Ben- struggling to progress some athletes with seated GM. Just stay consistent with the movement, loaded butterfly, and pigeon and other hip rotator stretches any thoughts on how to progress the movement quicker?

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 20:23]

Casey incline bench!!!!! Incline is key for Seated GM progress. 30 degree is where most have to start, then LOAD. Dig into those adductor tissues.

That’s usually why people don’t progress. They don’t have a measurement of mobility and don’t load enough to change the tissues significantly.

Casey Cathrall, [10/06/2023 20:32]

Ben - must have missed this - you want us loading if full ROM isn’t there? Sorry makes so much more sense typing this now

Assuming db until full rom is there and then barbell? Or would you recommend barbell to help get them there.

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 20:40]

Casey with a Seated GM… Stiffer folks may need load to open up, so it depends on client. Doesn’t hurt to start DBs, depends on client. Football players can all go barbell for example, just incline bench. 30-degrees is average, work down to flat. Taller guys may stop at 15 degrees, because bench height vs leg length determines difficulty of mobility.

Casey Cathrall, [10/06/2023 20:44]

Makes sense - also with my taller guys I’ve been using a box instead of bench so they are sitting at the same flexion as I would (6’10” vs 6’0”) does that make sense? Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything

Ben Patrick, [10/06/2023 20:44]

Can do that. Or incline. Incline plus slightly longer stance. Major mobility improver.

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