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Progressing to Pistol Squats with Stepups or ATG Split Squats

Dave Chesser, [18/12/2022 20:36]

With that in mind, how do you feel about using the stepups as a progression to pistol squats? In some of the kettlebell communities I've been part of, pistols were considered very important but I was a bit surprised at the lack of regressions/prehab work necessary before pistols are attempted. Wouldn't deepening the stepups lead to a natural pistol squat fairly quickly or should that approach be made cautiously?

Ben Patrick, [18/12/2022 20:53]

In my experience the ATG Split Squat with heel down makes a simple route to make pistols a breeze.


Even in pistol squatters few can do them with stable back, etc. ATG Split Squat is a diagonal motion, so the mobility effects are greater than squats or pistol squats. Nothing against them, and I think squatting is more ideal choice for heavier loading than split squats are. So that’s why I don’t use the pistol squat in ATG, because we already have Full Split Squats and Full Squats. Full Split Squat with heel down is a cheat code for pistol squat. In my opinion makes you better at pistol squats than pistol squats do, since it causes more adaptation to the mobility needed.

@Kingkobra238 all that being said, you could probably turn a Patrick Step Up into a Pistol Squat progression. Pistol squats are still a badass workout! Don’t get me wrong. I try to keep ATG to as few movements as needed to get the job done. Doesn’t at all mean someone can do a whole lot more.

ATG is meant to be applied at whatever level someone wants, whether that be adding some backward sledding or doing exclusively ATG movements. Exclusively driving up strength in ATG movements is where I think the really world-class athleticism and longevity results can occur for average or below-average genetics.

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