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Proposed PERFECT Standards Formula

Ben Patrick, [22/12/2022 21:32]

Proposed PERFECT Standards Formula:

Monday 1:

1. Poliquin

2. Ham Curl

3. 45-degree

4. Calf + Couch

Tuesday 1:

1. Pullover

2. Tib

3. Calf

4. Trap-3

Thursday 1:

1. ATG Split Squat

2. Seated GM

3. Low Cable

4. Pigeon + J Curl

Friday 1:

1. ATG Shoulder

2. Tib

3. External

4. KOT Calf

Monday 2:

1. Knee Squat

2. Nordic

3. 90-degree

4. Calf + Couch

Tuesday 2:

1. Incline

2. Tib

3. Calf

4. Powell

Thursday 2:

1. ATG Squat

2. RDL

3. Garhammer

4. Pigeon + Butterfly

Friday 2:

1. Dip

2. Tib

3. Chin

4. KOT Calf

Some equipment has to be more accessible for this. Just what I’m looking at ahead for 2023. Wednesday perhaps extra sled, stretch, or weak links. I’m always tinkering to try to make things perfect. With the framework above you could easily keep plugging a weaker area. For example if you’d never trained a back extension with intent, you could do that more than scheduled, in place of something you’re stronger at. Same with split squat, squat, etc. etc.

But in general, I think the ROTATION of lifts may be underrated for knees, backs, shoulders, rather than beating the same motion too frequently. Step up improves split squat improves slantboard squat improves full squat, improves step up…

Bojan Dikov, [22/12/2022 21:43]

45 degree and 90 degree are for the Back Extensions?

Ben Patrick, [22/12/2022 21:58]

Some names I was describing in my own head. I realize “Knee Squat” I was referring to using Slantboard, but not locking out at top… This has been working well for people who struggle with knees. Easier to concentrate by literally having knees over toes through the entire set

Did 10 x 10 today on the Slantboard we’ve been perfecting. Full recoveries. Utterly magical. In general for standards in thinking…

A. 5 sets

B. 4 sets

C. 3 sets

Very very simple. Someone could do more on a weaker area if they desired, or schedule it more often. There’s a ton of room to work with, in programming. I’m still chasing the ULTIMATE ingredients list and then how to not mess up those ingredients, by spacing for recovery.

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