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QL Exercise and Sciatica Pain

Chris Canady, [10/09/2022 19:51]

I was wondering, I’ve done the QL a few times but it seems to irritate my sciatica. Perhaps I was pushing the full range a bit much and regress it to a smaller range until I build up a bit more strength?

Ben Patrick, [10/09/2022 20:31]

Lack of bulletproofing reserve... Chris every exercise with eccentric load is capable of harm or help. All has to do with what the area can handle. Hence why I start people with reverse sled.

So if you look into sciatica and what functions it relates to, you might have to get EXTRA strong relatively to someone who doesn't have those symptoms.

QL is just exercising that muscle. To me, the ideal is to train the body to a point where even maximal exertion doesn't hurt it.

But back to the reverse sled... Because reverse step up 10,000 pounds you die. Reverse seld 10,000 pounds and it just doesn't move. So the QL has a lot of eccentric load, regress and build.

Did you do it with your bodyweight? Because you can train it with less than bodyweight.

Wherever you are most fragile is where you have the most room to improve and what you should face most. I was initially taught to believe my problems are what I should run from most. Hence "no knees over toes". But life is the opposite of that.

You just might have to tread more carefully and patiently the more problematic an area is. If you wife has a HUGE problem with you playing sports with your friends, you probably wouldn't schedule a volleyball game in your back yard. But it doesn't mean you should never play sports and cower away from what you love, you just might have to be extra gentle with how you communicate to your wife.

QL is a valuable exercise and if it gives someone a problem, then: a) you didn't work at the correct level, and b) you have a lot of room to build a more protected body!

Imagine a basketball player in a nasty cycle of knee pain who "can't do a reverse step up without pain".

Hopefully you can use that data.

I'll keep working on how to make this education clear so people aren't confused by their bodies.. The body was made to work right, unless you had some kind of accident or birth defect. The body is also going to decay and die and it feels pain very easily. It's a rough game out there! But it gets rougher to the degree that we lose communication and ability to areas of our bodies.

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