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Quad injury during couch stretch

Zack Gallagher, [09/06/2023 20:52]

I did the couch stretch 2-3 days ago, something I usually can just jump right into and get my shoulder back to the wall, and I felt my quad "tear?" Not the best word but I felt 2 sensations that made me just get out of the stretch, signifying to me that something not good was happening

Now I feel like this tightness deep within my quad and cant get close to my usual level of couch stretch at all. Anyone have any ideas on how I could speed up the recovery to this? I can function in life just fine it's just when I stretch my quad do I feel it

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 21:27]

@zack_gallagher sounds like just letting it recover. Jumping into any human activity cold has higher chances of tweaking something. Training makes one more resistant to that but it’s all still relative. Sounds like something that will go away on its own. 

Sled > step up > split squat can still pump up the quads with blood to heal better.

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