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Quad Strain from Lack of Training

Matt Melotte, [21/07/2023 22:06]

Had a little set back in my knee progression and L1 cert. so far this summer I have been playing soccer once per week without any knee pain for almost a whole 90- minute game. However, this week I came back from a road trip where I put in over 20 hours in a car and minimal training. Had a game Wednesday night and ended up straining my quad pretty bad when sprinting, most likely due to being tight and lack of training. Backwards walking feels better than forward walking right now. Minimizing stretching at this point due to pain. Have basically been doing general mobility focusing more on hips and not directly stretching or training quads at this point with it being so acute. Will probably get some dry needling done and start some knee ability zero when feeling ready. Anyone have any recommendations on progression to return to sport based on experience with quad injuries?

Ben Patrick, [23/07/2023 02:28]

@lilwicket14 travel really stiffens people up. Huge cause of low back issues (and tight quads).

Rebuilding, I suggest patiently getting ATG Split Squat and Garhammer Raise excellent: particularly level 2 Garhammer since it could be rectus femoris.

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