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Questions about Standing Pancake Movement

Martin Paradine, [31/07/2023 23:33]

@Kneesovertoesguy from the video I can’t seem to tell a few things with the standing pancake:

Are the toes pointing straightforward or turned out slightly?

Are the hips staying neutral, or are we thinking about external rotation like in horse stance?

Are we trying to keep pressure through the feet even, I.e. not emphasing bearing the weight through the inside or outside of the foot but instead the whole foot?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone else can jump in too if you are proficient at the movement. Much appreciated

Ben Patrick, [01/08/2023 00:49]

Martin I didn’t keep pancake in the main framework of ATG. I believe Seated GM + RDL/J Curl/Back Ext is sufficient. HOWEVER, for some sports people like to add pancake. I don’t consider myself an expert on it, BUT I do think my cable pancake contribution is really helpful for busting plateaus. I never found it mattered to think about the minor details. Use what feels right for your body.

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