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Recommend flossing frequency for osgood-schlatter/patellar pain?


@Kneesovertoesguy and/or anyone with experience with flosssing—how often do you recommend flossing a knee for osgood-schlatter/patellar pain? Daily? A few times a week?


Geoff here’s exactly how I like to do it… This would be ideal…

1. Backward 5 minutes to get VMO active

2. Sled 200yd

3. Tib

4. Step Up


6. Split Squat

That’s my personal fave. I think up to 3x per week is fine. I helped a 67-year-old lady to a breakthrough at HQ today, with that approach. She had breakthroughs with the flossing AND with turning her split squat into slow tempo split squat. She had to regress but this got her really WORKING.

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