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Recommended wait time after ankle sprain?

Drake Davis, [11/06/2023 03:25]

How long would yall wait after an ankle sprain to start adressing it with an ankle protocol?

Ben Patrick, [11/06/2023 03:25]

@imDrake757 I started the flossing I think on day 3. I may explain more precisely in the video.

Drake Davis, [11/06/2023 04:02]

@Kneesovertoesguy Once you can do them pain free, how often would you do those standing ankle inversions/enversions?  And would you do them the day you go to play basketball, either before or after?

Ben Patrick, [11/06/2023 13:29]

@imDrake757 I used them about twice a week. I haven’t used them in years though. I think it may be a bit much to add for someone who doesn’t have a problem. But it may be helpful for full return from ankle injury. Still unclear.

Drake Davis, [11/06/2023 13:36]

Wanting to use them to give some one the ability to do that deep inversion during sport. Is there a better protocol go developing that ability?

Ben Patrick, [11/06/2023 13:37]

The band version in the video is a regression to the bodyweight version. My buddy who played in the NFL swears by it.

With fully loaded Tib and calf work + skill work in the sport, I think you’re set. But I wouldn’t stop someone from exploring it. Depends how serious the need is. An ankle struggling to get back to sport is a more serious need.

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