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Resources for Hip Bursitis

Ryan Cracknell, [08/06/2023 05:56]

Hi all, wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for articles / videos which drive into Hip Bursitis?

Ben Patrick, [08/06/2023 13:49]

Ryan I don’t think we have many resources relating to conditions. We have lots relating to how to improve ability. What abilities are lacking?

Ryan Cracknell, [08/06/2023 13:51]

Is just training with an inflammatory condition like that... looking for resources to refer to but all good thanks

Ben Patrick, [08/06/2023 14:29]

Ryan usually when you have more strength and mobility around an area, it can then heal better. So an example for hips would be: ATG Split Squat is too stiff, Abs-to-Bench Seated Goodmorning is too stiff and weak, hip-flexors are too weak, pigeon is too tight. Those are 4 common ones for people with hip problems. That would be my first hip approach because 99%+ of people with hip problems will be lacking in 1 or more of those 4 zones.

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