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Returning to Kicking After Hip Injury


I’ve got a question, I’d love some input! Injured hip a while ago, and it’s better getting better and better.

I was training through it before nationals, didn’t even end up going this year. Aiming for next year already. 

I’ve reduced kicking volume to 0 at most 2% I’ll do kicks in forms when I teach

I think my hip is doing well enough, it doesn’t hurt to much anymore

Only some days are stiffer than others. I’m very stiff if I kick, as long as I have a day or two it recovers and feels nearly fully healed

How slowly should I add my kicking volume back in. I really want to be back to training 3-5 times a week with kicks and fighting 

Should It be like like 12 weeks with kicking once, maybe twice a week (which I think I can handle) 

Should it be longer? Anyone delt with something similar 

Trying to get a rough time line


@painfreetaekwondo I haven’t encountered that issue but the best kickers I see REALLY go hard after ability in the long ranges. I would absolutely jack up ability and…

1. Kick on the weekend until that’s getting easy

2. Then you could add a mid-week session as well

That’s generally how I approach an athletic ability.

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