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Returning to Training After Injury


Hey ATG people, hope you're well! 

This is Nik.

Long story short, I joined about a month ago trained for like 2 weeks then got unexplainable pain in my right foot, just before the big toe.

Google says it might be turf toe or gout.(i never had gout before) 

Anyway iv used this as an excuse to not train anything not even my upper body :/

But all this doesn't matter, now I'm feeling 80% better and I want to get back to it!

That's why I'm here. I'm looking for help to make up for lost time, and exchange feedback.

Thank you 🙏


Nikolaos hello! Some may have more specific advice… 

The foot and lower legs aren’t trained much. Modern footwear only stiffens and weakens the matter even more. Getting into any kind of foot and lower leg strengthening can take some patience.

This is why sled is the foundation, because it works the foot but in a manner that’s easier to recover.

Patience in early days of ATG (with self and clients) is a good idea! With greater bulletproofing comes greater freedom.

Barefoot shoes very commonly lead to foot pain… Not as a knock against them, but again just more load in the feet.

You can probably do a very balanced full body ATG program and your feet will naturally take care of themselves. You probably have more chance of foot issue from “trying” to address it too hard. Because it likely came from overuse (relative to ability) too soon.

ATG Basics is the most balanced. And it updates this weekend with what we’ve been working on here at ATGHQ.

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