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Reviewing Standards for Streamlining Exercises

Martin Paradine, [28/08/2023 22:46]

@Kneesovertoesguy No step-ups in your current personal program! What!!??! Haha 🤯

Maybe I’m an anomaly but weighted step-ups don’t make my knees feel better. They were wonderful when I was healing a knee injury, but now the other core movements serve me better for some reason (split squat, squat, Nordics, etc.).

Also, been reflecting on Standards as I work through those. You mentioned before maybe removing pancake, for example, as SGM serves the need for most. Are you currently reviewing Standards related to new data and a greater emphasis on mastering the basics?

I am definitely not in a position to say what is necessary or not, but was wondering about a few and would love to better understand the why behind them. Here are a few that are similar and I do understand they each offer something unique but related to above, curious as to your thoughts if one could serve the fundamental need if one needed to streamline things:

1. Having both Poliquin and Petersen step-ups;

2. Having two shoulder presses with similar ROM and weight;

3. Cable pancake and SGM.

If this isn’t the right place to ask this let me know and I’ll move it to the appropriate channel.

Ben Patrick, [28/08/2023 23:32]

Martin agreed… I’d like to sharpen Standards down to make our Top 20…

Step ups is an interesting subject… Example:

Basketball player sidelined by knee injury… Step ups can be life changing! But the full bend is what will bulletproof most long-term.

People vary greatly. Some people are super strong on squats and not actually that strong in short range. Same the other way around.

My short range is much stronger. I think it’s from the balanced jumping. So, if I add STRONGER squats and split squats… dunking feels easier, and my knees are always rock solid. PLUS… Sled / backward treadmill is short range. So, step ups I think are more optional:

1. Once you’re winning with full squats AND

2. If you’re sledding or jumping (working that short range)

Pancake I think is more of a specialized skill. Seated Goodmorning I personally feel is essential. Dumbbell shoulder pressing, ATG-style, makes people able to neck press pain-free

Martin so I think you and I actually see all these issues the same. I’m always observing the system with no ego.

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