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Revisiting Strength Standards and Exercise Intent

Daniel Pfohl, [12/06/2023 00:30]

Thanks for sharing Ben, based on this are you still recommending the strength standards for things like the poliquin step up and ATG split squat? (ATG Coaching Insider Series 17)

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 03:41]

Daniel Great question. Strength standards on them would be true to the journey thus far. But… Step up height standard, Split squat mobility standard, Squat strength standard is also a long-term possibility.

Drake Davis, [12/06/2023 02:07]

I'm curious about this as well. These variables make sense to pursue but do we still put them in the context of structural balance?

I'm interested in the idea of pushing height on Stepups 😯 I figured that the reason we didn't go over 6" was just that other movements would cover the mid and long range better. Unless the idea is that the stepup is just to pursue a pump in different ROMs while the squat is the primary loaded movement.

of these different movements I would still think ATG SS's would need to be strong in proportion to the squat for unilateral strength

Just thinking out loud. Would love to hear your thoughts behind this @Kneesovertoesguy :)

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 03:44]

Exactly… Structural Balance requires weight to compare to other weight. These are all legit. I just wanted to share my thoughts based on observing results.

As coaches… More understanding of the full toolbox = more ability to help every client and goal. 💪

@UnlockedPhilogic that’s awesome! And you’re getting reps! Reps helping people, Reps selling.

I recall a parent telling me I was a great salesman… I thought I was an AWFUL salesman. Bear in mind I wasn’t even on social media at that point. Then I slowly realized I had become a good salesman. Just from getting results in the real world to the point of being able to communicate about it. This parent was a salesman by trade. So, he helped explain to me how I was a good salesman. Because at first, I was almost offended by it lol!

But as trainers, we are passionate about helping people, and that has to provide for our families so we can keep on helping.

Martin Paradine, [12/06/2023 05:24]

I like this; continuous evolution of the system.

Logical that at some point particular movements might be more about mobility and ROM, like pancake, pigeon, etc. with split squats and height with step ups, and others for strength and intensity.

Very useful information, Ben. Modifying intent of a particular movement, related to what they are most effective at versus blindly continually upping the weight as the goal once standards achieved, is an excellent strategic coaching principle.

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 14:19]

Thank you so much!!

Martin Paradine, [12/06/2023 19:44]

Thank you Ben.

This got me thinking…

As I work thru Standards, for those movements I’ve hit the goal I may halt progression solely from an “add more load” perspective and instead focus more on the INTENT of the movement and what its “claim to fame” is.

This would be while concurrently, working thru the remainder of the Standards I have not yet achieved.

If my original goal was to “unlock all 30 Standards”, then it seems arbitrary to go passed them with more weight unless that is a Goal in itself, or the INTENT of the movement aligns with this progression, like maybe an ATG Squat (conversely, maybe not with an ATG Split Squat).

This is the beauty in what you wrote, Ben.

Instead just following or implementing a program blindly, it is important to remind oneself of:

1. Overall goal of the training (speed, resilience, aesthetics, among others);

2. And the purpose of a particular exercise/movement within that framework (why am I doing a split squat? How are full ROM pull-ups contributing to my goal?).

Staying cognizant of the intent of the movement, and what it primarily excels at, will more effectively inform progression and keep us aligned with our or our client’s goals.

The power of intent is that it is agnostic to the type of progression (or regression): increase volume, intensity, ROM and/or complexity

How then should one progress?

The unique answer to above comes in the context of the particular exercise in question and in maintaining congruency with the overall goal.

Ben Patrick, [12/06/2023 20:10]

Intent directs the gain. So, intent on the purpose of the exercise makes a lot of sense! Then balancing the types of exercises to accomplish a fully capable body.

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