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Rolled Ankle Recommendations

Gregory Drakopoulos, [28/06/2023 13:52]

18 year old cousin has just rolled his left ankle. He reckons it's a 7/10 pain. What's the best way to go about this?

Sam, [28/06/2023 14:10]

Gregory Drakopoulos, [29/06/2023 01:04]

Thanks bro, yeah I've seen and used some of this myself. What to do it they aren't even up to this stage yet?

Ben Patrick, [29/06/2023 15:01]

Gregory that video shows how I started when I couldn’t even walk yet after major ankle injury. Within a few days, home, crawling to the bathroom in terrible pain. That video shows how to start. The floss bands are how I was able to get to the bathroom without excruciating pain. A SEVERE ankle sprain is rough. If you can walk in the first few days, it’s not that bad of a sprain. The floss bands help compress it so you can get to the bathroom easier.

So just rewatch the video and see what you missed if you think someone’s not ready for the video. It shows all the way from literally helping them in the early stages more than if they didn’t have the video. (Due to floss bands to hold it together so you can crawl to the bathroom with less pain than without)

Sam, [29/06/2023 02:58]

We’ll id say lowest level is flossing..  that will allow you to do movement that would cause pain with out the floss band  If it’s so injured they can’t even put a floss band on, is there a potentially broken bone??

Maybe a day or 2 of rest if it’s super severe sprain and then floss bands should be do able at least from what I’ve seen and experienced.

Ben Patrick, [29/06/2023 15:05]

@painfreetaekwondo right, what he didn’t understand is that the floss band literally helps you to even function when you’re in the darkest stage of it. Darkest stage of severe ankle sprain is when the swelling is so bad than any minor movement causes excruciating after-effect for minutes. So your biggest problem becomes how to get to the bathroom. The floss bands make it less painful to do so. ✅ The video covers the full scale from that dark stage, all the way to elite ankle ability.

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