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Safe Trap Bar Training for Explosive Power

@EdwinBona, [20/03/2023 20:51]

Figured I'd share this unconventional but honestly super safe way to train for explosive power. If you setup a trap bar on some drop pads, you can explode up and even jump as high as possible and there's no risk of injury, as you just drop the bar back onto the pads every rep. So you get all of the benefits of the explosive power, and none of the potential injuries. I've found whenever I start training hard on the trap bar like this my explosive power goes thru the roof

Ben Patrick, [20/03/2023 20:53]

@Edwinbona very smart approach to apply power without learning curve of Olympic lifts. My current take is ATG basics + Backward run, Forward run, Jump, Bound = plenty of force for most goals, and gets all around activity going.

However, Olympic lifts and trap bar work are legit force!

Now I just think of force as force. You can make 40-inch verticals with… Jumping force, heavy squatting force, Olympic lifting force. Provided there’s no pain! Hence why bulletproofing reserve is the real trick beneath it all. Then apply the force that will work best and be most enjoyed by the given athlete! 📈

Stefan Holm used it all: Jumping and bounding force, heavy full range of motion squatting force, Olympic lifting force, while also doing heavy hamstring curls, etc. Greatest high jumper of all time.

Most people are starting out too broken down, hence things like ATG Split Squat and Seated GM and lower leg work will improve jumps most. And we’ve seen that those same things can also = force (as you get stronger and stronger). But a recipe can be made to the individual

Basketball is my “Olympic lifting”. If I played football, it wouldn’t be. If I played football the main change for me would be squatting with chains. That was the #1 difference-maker we saw between basketball and football. Nothing like ADRENALINE to see what your jump really is:

1. Health

2. Sport Mastery

3. More Bulletproofing?

4. More Force?

That’s how I think of sport coaching now. Most start with #4 on top of lack of 1-3. Or maybe do a little of 1 and then don’t continue or address #3. Hence top athletes in the world reaching out to me consistently now, very clearly lacking solutions with their professional coaches - no offense intended

A natural freak can probably just do 1 and 2 and make millions. The worse the genetics, the more 3 and 4 may be needed.

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