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Seeking Perfect Framework for Coaching

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 14:59]

Conclusion: I am always seeking the perfect framework, from which a coach can guide anyone at any level, and adapt in real time. I believe… Planned is better than unplanned. But a planned framework that is approached in real time, would be better than planning out far ahead of time.

This is what has worked best so far, by going with a philosophy of putting more pressure on bulletproofing and athleticism (in the clients and the coaches!) than anyone else.

Daniel Pfohl, [05/06/2023 20:15]

Hi Ben based on all you just said here, what would be the main reasons to choose either

the ATG pro program or the basic program?

Ben Patrick, [05/06/2023 21:18]

Daniel, great question.

ATG Basics is based on ATG Pro. I’d say ATG Basics is just going to stay more up-to-date, and a bit more scalable to any client.

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