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Sharing ATG Concepts with Coaches

Sam Breitstein, [08/01/2023 02:04]

I was speaking with my former boss, funny enough, another student of Charles. He was interested in me coming in and sharing what I’ve learned through ATG with his coaching staff.

Obviously, I’ve only been in ATG for a year so I would keep it super super super basic.

What do you think would be the most important concepts for me to explain to these coaches who are from different backgrounds and have never been exposed to the stuff before? I have initial thoughts, but I am curious to what others would do in the situation

Ben Patrick, [09/01/2023 09:44]

@strongerbysam very cool! Man, tough question! Defining and making ACCESSIBLE triple flexion and short-range/long-range are big ones. Figuring out how to make it exciting and sexy to fix weak links. ATG has been more of a hardworking social movement than someone in a lab doing things “better.” Just about everything single thing we use has been used throughout exercise history in varying degrees. Making it all able to MEET SOMEONE where they’re at.

In my videos I’m still just speaking to the previous me with knee pain told by people with degrees to not to work through a full range of motion… I’m not speaking intended to the person with a degree. (And of course they vary in understanding of basic exercise principles but sadly, many graduates vary extremely far from basic truths)

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