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Short Range Eccentric Training for Strength

Kendall Banks, [28/10/2022 00:11]

I was thinking about the step-up last night and I realized that one of the unique things about it is that it's a short range that focuses on the eccentric portion of the movement. Usually short range work focus on concentric (from what I've observed/implemented). Do you think there's any unique value to doing short range eccentric as a concept? I was thinking that bench dips would basically be the elbow equivalent to step-ups if you made them short range. Just curious what you think about that. I was also wondering about the difference in load on the knee on short range open chain moves like the leg extension vs. closed chain like the step up.

Ben Patrick, [29/10/2022 01:48]

@KendallAB I’ve grown to the think of the body is terms of weak links:

So in the case of something like a Poliquin Step Up, it’s targeting an area that is often weak coming from a “no knees over toes” background. So is there value to the same concept for elbow? Yes, but probably not as often a weak point.

Maybe the “secret” is just to be mobile and strong everywhere?!

But you’re right on the eccentric load! And then compare that to running, jumping, landing: MAJOR place to be strong! (Eccentric knee over toes)

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