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Simple Athletic Transformation Program Ideas

Ben Patrick, [22/03/2023 20:07]

Food for thought… I’ve been trying to think how simply an athletic transformation program could be:


“My Strategic Workout Plan

10x1 10s eccentric Squat w/ chains

Ben Clarfield am I missing anything?… 😂

Obviously there would be more on the list. But I just finished testing a session of single back squat reps with chains, controlling to perfection all the way down. I’m smoked. Yet it feels so healthy.

99% of athletes are overcomplicating and not making real gains. How simple could ATG make it for them? What would be on your list?

I vote 10 second controlled all the way down on a full squat (ideally with chains) makes it almost impossible for a basketball player not to transform.

@EdwinBona, [22/03/2023 20:09]

Power cleans for sure. They're a bit more technical though so I guess that might be a no go

Ben Patrick, [22/03/2023 20:09]

Brilliant upper session. So simple. So much athletic gain. Much more technical. Much less tissue adaptation. That’s almost the opposite end of the question that keeps most athletes stuck. Their tissues and actual strength levels are simply too low. For example: 5 x 5 5-second pause ATG Split Squat once a week and 10 x 1 squat w/ chains with 10-second pause… these cause INSANE adaptation. Could run that program for a whole career and make millions.

No one in sports history has done a program like what I described above - in terms of consistently working those qualities. 100,000s have done power cleans consistently.

Even for me, I’m trying to see how focused I can stay and how simple my goals can be. The split squat mobility is crucial for me but it’s not as ideal of a strength driver. Paused full split squats and slow eccentric full squats with chains would be a strategic route unlike all an athlete’s competition.

Adding power cleans to that would then be very easy because of the amazing joint quality.

AJ, [22/03/2023 20:22]

Neck press?

Ben Patrick, [22/03/2023 20:22]

Neck press is definitely a lot of bang for buck for upper body sports. There’s no wrong answer. Depends on sport. It’s a fun process.

At the end I think “damn if I’d have just done that the last 10 years I’d be more athletic now lol!”

RDL pretty powerful too! And goes well in a split squat session Knee flexion goes well in a squat session. Very simple. 🔥

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