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Sissy Squat Removed from ATG Programming

Jeff@BarbellPerformancecoaching, [02/10/2022 23:53]

Question, was the Sissy Squat taken out of all ATG programming??

Ben Patrick, [02/10/2022 23:55]

Jeff@BarbellPerformanceCoaching I took it out over a year ago actually. Almost 2 years ago. Here’s why…

Reverse sled, Reverse step up, ATG split squat, Posterior, are the first 4 main zones in order that Poliquin covered. Add in ankles and you can really restore a person and make freak athletes

Can sissy squat add more? PERHAPS! But it’s not the bulk of the progress and has less safety. In coaching over and over online it’s clear: Sissy squat, Reverse Nordic, CONCENTRIC Nordic, result in greatest chance of error.

I still love sissies but I think it goes beyond what I feel good about delivering online. If someone wants to add them, I’m not opposed. But I think 99.99999% (all but like 5 people in history lol) have actually exhausted the basics adequately. And then I would add squats with chains, personally.

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