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Sissy Squat Removed from Zero Program

Elestial, [26/08/2023 18:19]

Why doesnt the knee zero have whatever this thing was called anymore?

Austin Jester, [26/08/2023 18:23]

Called the Sissy Squat. I believe it was taken out of zero because it was very easy for people (especially not in person coaching) to go too hard on these and injure themselves. High risk for general population when most people can make significant knee gains without it in the zero program

Ben Patrick, [26/08/2023 20:52]

Exactly: it has potential, but higher risk. I believe the progression from full split squat to full SQUAT is better than progressing to the sissy squat. That’s my conclusion after extensive coaching AND keeping couch stretch in the routine.

Morgen Grady, [26/08/2023 20:59]

When would you exclusively add the sissy to a program? And where?

Ben Patrick, [26/08/2023 23:48]

@morgengrady I don’t ever program sissy squats anymore. I am very grateful to have methods that work, so I find myself not desiring risking methods that don’t. I actually keep finding higher levels of gain by attaining higher levels of the basics of ATG. 🙏

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