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Sled Record Standard: 50yd, 30kg, 60s

Marcus Williams, [20/06/2023 18:11]

So what’s the measurement for this sled record? I just need to know what the standard is? @Kneesovertoesguy

Ben Patrick, [20/06/2023 18:25]

1. Sled and turf friction vary

2. At ATGHQ we’ve found a great Standard is

50yd forward, 50yd backward, 30kg for men, 10kg for women, under 60 seconds.

Gym record is 42 seconds, by Ferdinand and also by the world’s strongest man, Mitchell Hooper.

In every gym you can refine your own Sled Standard based on what most people can’t do, that most people could do. I think once you can do it under 60, add load. That’s what I’ll be trying on Friday.

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