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Sled Training for Stronger Legs and Glutes.

Ben Patrick, [09/06/2023 17:16]

Here’s some context on Zero vs ATG Gym… At the original ATG, and again now here at HQ, we do 6 football fields of sled per week: 3 forward, 3 backward. That’s a lot of lower leg and low-level knee over toes. So, then Covid hits… No sled and turf for 99.9% of society. Hence, Zero lower leg trifecta: Tib x 25, FHL x 25, KOT x 25. VERY effective vs skipping that foundation.

But that’s the context. Sled on turf consistently improves healing while increasing bounce. Sled on turf also happens to train GLUTES and CARDIO 🔥🔥

So being an ATG Coach, to me, means being prepared to help anyone at any time, not being a robot.

For bad knees, the deep warmth of the sled helps us rapidly get people into full squats and good, hard hamstring training.

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