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Slow, full-range, loaded training for basketball.

Ben Patrick, [28/03/2023 19:36]

Today’s Training Thought:

Got in my 10 sets of 1 rep controlling down 10 seconds in a full squat with chains. I think I know why I like this method so much.

“ATG’s purpose is balancing the body through exercise.”

So for my sport, it’s fast, it’s short-range, and it’s bodyweight. So SLOW, FULL-range, LOADED… is actually the opposite of my sport. That’s why I think this is the #1 method to improve a basketball team.

However, most lack the mobility and have knees too weak for the hips. Hence why slant squat and split squat are my top 2 for beginners.

Hope this makes my “advanced” training thoughts even simpler. 👍

Crazy how all these years in, it’s getting simpler. Not more complex.

With just that short note above, I know I could make a basketball team with results that would stand out, and make the players so much happier due to being able to enjoy the game with less knee pain and more knee ability.

Are all 3 sessions per week too much? Slant, Split squat, Full squat slow eccentric. I suppose that depends on the person. Real coaches are sooooooo needed.

Alissa and I are looking at real estate for an ATG in LA. The first step is polishing what exactly an ATG gym is. Can it be a shining light for its community?

Well I definitely know who will run it and take that shot. A certified L2.

All the work we are doing right now - every one of us - has the chance to add up to something meaningful, and that’s pretty cool.

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