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Slow and Steady for Success

Ben Patrick, [29/11/2022 23:23]

Angelo apparently if you close and re-open app that goes away but we’re working to fix that completely.

This is why I’m taking the slow route with the app and mastering the Standards all 2023. Takes time to perfect coding. Body is no different. So for me “slowing down” guarantees a successful 2023 in my training. If I only try to master every basic Standard better than I can now, well that’s a simple and successful year. Perhaps a secret to success is setting yourself really winnable goals, repeatedly, that ensure your progress. YouTube lifetime goal was 100k subscribers. At 893k now, exceeded my expectations. Perhaps if my goal was 1 million I’d have been too hard on myself. So each year my goals are very unimpressive. But as the years go on it adds up to something impressive. My 2023 goals are very boring but do ensure forward progress.

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