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Slow Eccentrics for Knee Rehab

Megan Starling, [31/07/2023 03:06]

So I’ve been strengthening the shit out of my knee and it’s definitely getting stronger but whenever I have a setback it’s the medial side of my knee. I know someone mentioned horse stance and whatnot for that but does anyone have any other suggestions? It’s my biggest weak link for sure

Ben Patrick, [31/07/2023 03:15]

Megan progressing to full squats with barbell loading is the best for medial in my opinion. Because your torso sinks down all the way and then the knee has to hold steady as you get out of the hole. It seems to have the most powerful effects. How is your full squat coming along?

Megan Starling, [31/07/2023 03:56]

Any tips on rehabbing a medial knee setback? Flossing of course but any particular exercises you would recommend?

Ben Patrick, [31/07/2023 19:19]


Sled, Floss, Step up, Split squat.

SLOW ECCENTRIC full squat is king. And lots of hamstring curls!!

Megan Starling, [01/08/2023 00:53]

Why are slow eccentrics better for healing than a quicker tempo?

Ben Patrick, [01/08/2023 13:41]

Megan controlling the entire way down on a full squat, progressing to challenging loads, and improving that ability over time, is the #1 thing I’ve seen lead to an END to knee tweaks and setbacks, IF the previous steps are still kept in the system. It simply signals to the knee joint that you don’t want it to break. I think it’s that simple. It has the most powerful adaptations to bulletproof a knee. The previous steps help improve the form on a squat, since it’s common to avoid pressure on the knee in a squat, but that would partly defeat the purpose.

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