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Soccer player seeks ankle injury advice.

Muhammad Adheeb, [28/03/2023 05:56]

Hi @Kneesovertoesguy  and other ATG members👋

Myself Muhammad Adheeb ,IAM new to this group 

I love to play soccer and iam a university soccer player.I want to become a professional soccer player too.

Unfortunately I have ankle injury 2 month before while playing.after 2 week I took mri and put pop for  3 week with non weight bearing and after pop removal I took again an mri 

How many week needed for ankle protocol and after how many weeks I can start running and small soccer  ball workouts? (Juggling)

Which workout soccer players do in off season?

Ben Patrick, [28/03/2023 19:41]

Ankles are a tough one!! The nature of sports and footwear make them a potential injury even if you do everything right. ATG can improve odds and improve how fully you recover, be patient. Gradually get your ankles stronger than prior to the injury.

Any of the programs can work well for soccer. Shred is pretty nice for it because you still get your shoulders stronger but keep a nice volume on the legs. There’s even volume ankle-knee-hip-shoulder.

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