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Social Media Tip: One Video for More Clients

Ben Patrick, [13/11/2022 01:31]

Social Media Tip This Week:

You are ONE video away from more CLIENTS. Ask the universe what you want in your posts. Don’t only just chase views, chase your next clients. You have so much help to offer someone. You can deliver helpful posts while still being clear what YOU offer. And if you succeed, you can help people even better. ✅

Marco A, [13/11/2022 01:32]

100% true. I’m trying to get young athletes to train with me (mostly football 🏈 and basketball 🏀)

I’m gonna make some sort of video to target that audience 👊🏽

Ben Patrick, [13/11/2022 01:35]

Very cool brother. At your young age probably the biggest advice I have is reps: on the exercises, making videos, WRITING ARTICLES. (writing has remained a key skill for millennia)

Training people, anyone, everyone! You will learn so much and improve so much.

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