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Spinal Rotation: Sport, Not Training

John Maus, [27/09/2022 22:45]


What do y’all recommend for the rotation of the spine? In the 8 steps to back bulletproofing there isn’t something specific to spinal rotation.🙏

Ben Patrick, [28/09/2022 18:38]

John someone could add that, but all rotational stuff I treat as sport, not training, since it’s a product of multiple parts of the body working together. Basically, I don’t add anything I don’t personally believe is essential. So anything non-essential would go beyond what I make a part of ATG:

Olympic lifting


Rotational work

There are many many things someone could add that I don’t believe are essential. A big part of my role running ATG is erring on the side of doing LESS but MASTERING those things we do uniquely.

Something as simple as an ATG Split Squat, 99%+ of people haven’t been trained in. 99+% of those bench pressing at the gym would fail our External Rotator Structural Balance.

So we have a lot of PRECISELY measurable work that we know for sure is missing in the modern system without ATG. And in my personal observation, things like rotation naturally get good as a result of mastering all the ATG movements.

So even if someone wants to add rotation and other things, I believe they’ll get even more results from it. So ATG isn’t the extent of what can be done. More like trying to master what’s most essential yet missing.

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